Califlower CBD Nugs 3.5gm - Hydro - 550MG

The Califlower CBD Nugs are the country’s finest hemp Nugs for the best option in CBD. For months we have tested and tried the best hemp options available, then one day we smoked the Califlower and we made our decision. The Califlower CBD Nugs are packed with flavor and, more importantly, CBD. With three different options we offer varying flavors, concentrations, and targeted relief. Now you can share a Nug with your friends and share an experience. Light one up and relax. 

  • Cali Flower CBD Nugs
  • Bottle Size : 3.5GM
  • Flavor : Hydro
  • Organic, Natural Ingredients
  • CBD Content : 16.25% 
  • 550MG
  • THC Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Pesticide Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Non GMO

Ingredients : RAW industrial hemp Nugs (CBD)

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